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Your Personal Brand Starts Here

Communication Skills Training, Completely Re-Invented

Whilst many think of communication skills as "how to write a professional email", "how to prepare a presentation" or "how to deal with difficult customers", we think of communication skills as how to build better relationship with others around you, because we believe this should be the ultimate goal.

When you communicate from the audience's perspective, when you "know your audience", you think about what is the best way to help them understand your message. You will never look at communication skills the same way again, this changes EVERYTHING!

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Skills That Go Far Beyond Your Workplace

When you understand what, how and why people communicate the way they do, you can apply the same skill in your workplace, sales, marketing, networking and entrepreneurship. We believe communication skills should be dynamic, agile and flexible so that everywhere you go, you can build good relationships with people.

It is not just about writing professional emails. 

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More Likeable in every way

Did you know that communication skill is the top most desired skill in the job market? According to many researches, people who posses good communication skills are more likely to

Make positive contributions in a team

Be better at leading and managing people

​Get promotions and higher salary

Help You Grow, Develop and Become Mature

When you become a good communicator, it opens up a lot more doors in your overall development both professionally and socially. No longer you need to be stuck in one job, one place or one social circle because you are afraid to express yourself. Everywhere you go, people respect you.

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Skills That Remain With You For Life

 Your relationships matter, and they matter for the right motivations and reasons. Equipping good communication skills is useful and important to every aspects of your development. So whether you are still studying, working in any profession or looking to start a new business venture or you simply want to expand your network, you will find it useful.

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Our Approach

Know your audience

In Soft Skill Academy we focus a lot on building relationships. To build relationships we must first understand our audiences and to whom we are connecting with. We will teach you how to increase your awareness to better understand your audience so that the skill becomes your second nature.

​Choosing The Right Communication Medium

Whilst there are many ways in which you can communicate with a person, there are occasions where an email is better than a text, a phone call is better than an email, a face-to-face meeting is better than a phone call. Interestingly enough, this choice comes from how much your respect the other person.

Active Listening

Listening is so much more than just hearing the words and is possibly the most important ability of a good communicator. You will learn to apply active listening to all social, professional situations in all communication mediums. That way, all your relationships get better.

Mastering Body Language

A large portion of your communication comes from your body language. Mastering your body language not only helps you demonstrate positive and engaging attitude, more importantly it helps you anticipate and react to unfavourable body language that other people are showing.

Workplace Communication

Apply everything you have learnt in the workplace, it will completely change the way you write your next email, the way you approach a colleague to give and receive feedback and how to contribute in a team environment. Your personal brand starts here.

Social Communication

You will understand how to build rapport and establish more meaningful relationships with the people around you so that you maximise your networking effectiveness and it does not matter what your personality is. Everywhere you go you will become more popular!

We provide 1-to-1, Small Groups

as well as Corporate Trainings 

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