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【寫CV的技巧】如何使用Mac Pages 建做 CV template


How to write a resume with Mac Pages. You don't need to pay someone to do for you because it is very simple.


Sam 除了全職工作之外,還專門從事溝通技巧培訓。以幫助其它人提高自己在個人和一群人面前的溝通能力,令他們無論在求職,工作場所,個人品牌以及人際網絡的建立上,都可以提升人與人之間關係的質量。

Sam specialises in communication skills training in addition to my full time job. He helps people improve their ability to present themselves in front of individuals as well as group of people so that they can improve the quality of the relationships they build whether this is in job search situations, in workplace, personal brand building as well as networking.



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