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【Interview Skills】4 Tips to Communicate well in a job interview

Have you ever thought about working in another field or industry but your chances are slim because you don't "fit the bill".

Why should an employer chooses you over another when there are another 10 candidates who can do exactly what you can offer?

Are you worried that because you don't meet the requirement, there is no point to even apply for jobs that you REALLY want to do? (And then get stuck of the same job forever?)

And would you feel less confident because of self-defecting cycle?

What should you do to overcome this problem?

If you read on, what I am going to say to you will make you the perfect candidate for any job.

1. Think about transferrable skills

The largest corporations on the planet hire people from multiple disciplines. For example, there is no secret that Facebook/Google/Apple hire people from all walks of life. Be it personal trainers, designers, marketers, engineers or whoever, rarely they are considered programming experts!

The secret is in their ability to communicate.

People who are good in communication skills are able to explain complex situations/problems/ideas to other people. They are able to work better as a team to create more meaningful synergies. They are able to combine experience from different areas and come up with new ones that truly makes an impact to the customers - that change the world!

Transferrable skills are skills that can be applied in any job, such as your ability to perform under pressure, understand customers' needs, solve a problem, make a good presentation in front of a group of people, communicate well or time management... and the list goes on.

Employers rate transferable skills much higher than technical skills. If this is something you don't know, then I hope this has opened your mind.

Think about it next time you write your CV.

2. Do some basic research on the job/subject/area that you are applying to

This is not to show that you can do the job. In fact, regardless of how experienced you are, the first few months into a new job. you have to learn how to do the job.

This is to show to the employer that you are genuinely interested in the job. So much so that you have done your homework before coming to the interview - employers like that!

There is no need to talk like an expert. You only need to talk about your understanding of the subject, the industry trend, challenges or anything that is relevant.

It shows a good attitude and willingness to learn - which is another transferrable skills!

3. Don't be afraid

Because no one can ever "fit-the-bill" 100%.

When you have the right transferrable skills that cannot be learned in textbooks, then you are more valuable than the others. FACT!

4. Be honest, but with the right attitude

It is ok to say you don't know something, but be honest. Say that you don't know but you are willing to learn. (Because you have done it already with your research on the topic!)

Did my advice on how to be the perfect candidate inspire you? Share this with somebody and make a comment down below.


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