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Is Bad Communication Costing You Businesses?

Many businesses struggle to find a way to talk about their product in such a way their customers will pay attention.

This can be frustrating because we all know how much money each marketing effort costs. When we see exposures, lead generation statistics going up but only a handful turned into sales one may wonder if the marketing agency cheated on you, or worse you begin to think about if there’s something wrong with your product.

Then you think about how competitive the market is and if you should go back to using traditional marketing methods or if it is worthwhile to stay in business.

What if the problem is not the product, but the way you talk about the product?

There are so many marketing platforms out there, and digital marketing is by no means a simple topic. A lot of businesses spend a considerable amount of time and effort just to understand how to use them.

When we have worked out how to use them, typically we go straight into putting our adverts out there to gain exposures with the expectation that customers will respond and eventually some leads will turn into sales.

Then you turn to AB tests, effectively doubling the cost of marketing in order to work out what adverts people are responding to through trial and error.

All of which cost valuable time & resources!

In fact, we spend so much effort mastering those tools nowadays we forget what is genuinely important - the message itself.

We speak to many companies and a lot of them feel being cheated by the marketing agencies because they charge a hefty sum for their effort yet the resultant revenue barely covers cost.

It is not the marketing agencies’ fault. In fact the reason is because marketing agencies are expert in building beautiful websites with stunning visuals, they are experts in Photoshops, video Production and creative designs but none of them know your company (or product) well enough to write the exactly words people will respond to.

They are not your sales team!

So if we have’t crafted a compelling message, people will not listen. Bad communication will cost you sales!

Here are the 3 signs that poor communication is costing you businesses:

People not responding to your marketing

In a world full of noises, if you confuse your customers, you lose interest and people ignore you.

You lose sales.

You should pay attention to the message you are communicating to your customers.

Remember we are emotional beings and we connect through feelings, all decisions we make are emotional and not logical.

If you blast people with facts, yes everyone can understand what it is that you do, it just doesn’t drive behaviour.

Browsers leaving your website (high bounce rate)

Your website will do a lot of heavy-lifting in terms of the selling process. When a customer respond to your marketing chances are that they will google you and read your website.

You might think that they are looking for justifications to buy from you instead of your competitors, but what people are really doing is look for information to work out if they can trust you.

Your website should talk about how you help people solve their problems, not your company history, your philosophy and certainly not your ‘newsletter’.

Inconsistent communication

Does your sales team talks about your product in a way that is consistent with all other marketing collaterals?

Very often this is caused by internal confusion as a result it also cause external confusion. Every strong brand knows exactly how to talk about their product, and every person in the company understands and speaks the same language.

You can only achieve this by first crafting one strong message and communicate this effectively to every person in the team.

Your message will be significantly more powerful if all your marketing collaterals speak the same language, so every marketing piece re-enforces and compliment one another.


At Soft Skills Academy, we have a communication formula to help you filter out all your marketing clutters, creating a clear and compelling message that your customers will pay attention to.

Many businesses see a significant uplift to their marketing response rate and sales after clarifying their message with us because they know exactly what to say in the website, in the sales pitch, marketing campaign in a way that draws interest.

Download our free PDF on ‘5 ways to stop wasting money on marketing’ to get you started.


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