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【Brand Communication】How To Clarify Your Message So Your Marketing Effort Is Not Wasted

Many businesses suffer from the Curse Of Knowledge because they assume customers have the background to understand the product. When your brand message is unclear and difficult to understand, customers lose interest and will ignore your marketing, meaning your marketing effort could be wasted.

Brands must clarify their brand message so customers will start to pay attention, this video shows you how.


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Many businesses do not know that bad communication is costing them sales. If you confuse, you lose interest and you lose sales.

Sam is a fast-growing communication skills coach specialised in helping businesses clarify their brand message using the techniques of storytelling, so they can attract more customers and grow the company faster.

Sam is the creator of The Golden Circle Of Communication, redefining the way communication skills is thought of and taught so that it is relevant and useful to today’s fast changing world.

Sam also teach for corporates and universities, helping people improve their CV writing, interview skills, communication & interpersonal skills as well as presentation skills.

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